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The Dovekeepers

Cover: 'The Dovekeepers'

Staff Review: "The Dovekeepers" by Alice Hoffman


This is a beautiful tale of four extraordinary women struggling to survive as their people are sought out for extermination by the Roman Empire. In 70 C.E. nine hundred Jews fled for their lives and sought refuge in King Herod's stronghold at Masada. Yael, born of a dead mother and rejected by her father the assassin, must survive the dessert to take refuge in the stronghold. Revka, the baker's widow, who watched the brutal murder of her beloved daughter, must now help her grandsons survive to reach manhood as their father abandons them in his grief and need for revenge. Aziza, raised as a boy and trained as a warrior, must struggle with her identity when her mother changes her back into a girl upon reaching Masada. Shirah, the witch of Moab, has a power of her own but is powerless to resist the call of the man who possesses her heart. These unlikely companions are thrown together to work in the dove cotes where they discover who they are and form a bond that cannot be broken no matter what horrors they must face as their enemies grow near.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, historical fiction

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