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The Dress and the Girl

Cover: 'The Dress and the Girl'

Staff Review: "The Dress and the Girl" by Camille Andros


There is a little girl who wears a dress. The dress and the girl experience a lot together, like playing and exploring, until one day they travel to a new country together to find a better life. The dress and the girl get unexpectedly separated when getting off of the boat in their new county; the dress in a trunk and the girl moving on in her life's journey. One fortuitous day, several years in the future, the girl finds the dress in an unexpected place on an ordinary day with extraordinary joy.

Do you have an item from your past that when you look at it, it evokes strong memories and associations? A dress is just that for the little girl throughout the story. This is such a wonderful and important story that is told in such a simple way. That is what makes this book so special. The journey of the girl tells her story and the separate journey of the dress is another story. Both my daughter and I connected with this story deeply and kept re-reading it, bringing about a beautiful discussion about migration and the way that life works in mysterious ways. I highly recommend this book!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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