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At the Drop of a Hat

Cover: 'At the Drop of a Hat'

Staff Review: "At the Drop of a Hat" by Jenn McKinlay


This was probably my favorite book in the Hat Shop mystery series, the third book in a fantastic series set in London. It follows Scarlett and Viv, two loveable characters that run a hat shop they inherited from their grandmother. Their newest customer, Ariana Jackson, comes in hoping to get her mother's wedding hat restored by Scarlett and Viv, since it was originally done by their grandmother. But when Scarlett goes to ask Ariana about the hat's details, she walks in on Ariana in shock, kneeling beside her boss's freshly fallen body. Scarlet and Viv fight to solve the murder before Ariana's wedding is ruined by a guilty sentence. Readers can enjoy this novel as a stand alone read, but I find the cozy series fantastic, so I recommend reading all three!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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