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Egg & Spoon

Cover: 'Egg & Spoon'

Staff Review: "Egg & Spoon" by Gregory Maguire


From the bestselling author of "Wicked" comes an enchanting new tale of mistaken identity, unlikely friendships, adventure, and magic set in 1905 czarist Russia. When the private train of Ekaterina Ivanovna de Robichaux is stranded in a peasant village she meets Elena Rudina, a girl who has lost her father, cares for her very sick mother, and longs to find her brothers who have been carried off into service. When an accident forces them to switch places they must both find a way to survive. Elena is carried off to St. Petersburg where she is to be offered up as a potential bride for the tsar"s godson and Ekaterina is stranded in a village of starving peasants who may or may not be dangerous. Their individual journeys will converge and lead them into a magical world and an adventure far beyond anything they could have imagined. Before they are through they will encounter the infamous witch Baba Yaga and struggle to discover if the legendary Firebird and ice dragon Zmey-Azdaja from their childhood stories are also real. Can mere children discover how to restore the magical balance of the land and find a way to cure the suffering of the Russian people?

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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