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Eleven and Holding

Cover: 'Eleven and Holding'

Staff Review: "Eleven and Holding" by Mary Penney


Macy is not celebrating her upcoming birthday.  She’s determined not to turn twelve without her father.  Her father has been gone for months now and no one is telling her the truth about his disappearance.  Jack, her baby brother, is getting most of her mother’s attention, her beloved grandmother, Nana, has recently died and her shop has been sold, and she’s being forced to go to a new school next year. Helping an elderly women try to find her missing dog, she uses her motorcycle in an attempt to locate her dad. This tween novel is an honest, heartfelt story of one girl’s struggle to come to terms with growing up in an out-of-control, rapidly changing environment.   

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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