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Elizabeth and Zenobia

Cover: 'Elizabeth and Zenobia'

Staff Review: "Elizabeth and Zenobia" by Jessica Miller


Elizabeth is not too happy about moving with her father to Witheringe Manor, her emotionally distant father’s creepy, spooky childhood home, but at least she has her best friend and fearless companion, Zenobia with her, even if her father thinks she is far too old for an imaginary friend. Zenobia believes there is a spirit presence in the house and convinces a reluctant Elizabeth to explore the forbidden East Wing of the house and conduct a séance. Just when they believe they may have failed, Elizabeth notices a figure that looks like a girl among the vines in the nursery wallpaper. In addition, there’s the strange gardener in the falling-down shed that no one else seems to know about and a gravestone they discover that no one seems to want to discuss. When the vines in the nursery wallpaper appear to be coming to life, growing and spreading, and possibly may be dangerous, Elizabeth and Zenobia know that they are on a race against time to uncover the long-kept hidden family secrets of Witheringe Manor before it is too late. This fast-paced tween mystery, complete with an eccentric imaginary friend, is a fun read. I enjoyed it very much.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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