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Emmy and Oliver

Cover: 'Emmy and Oliver'

Staff Review: "Emmy and Oliver" by Robin Benway


On a Friday before a three day weekend in second grade, Emmy, Drew, and Caro saw their friend Oliver get into his father’s car for a regular weekend visit. Oliver’s father abducted him, and it would be ten years before Oliver re-entered their lives. The book, which is told from Emmy’s point-of-view, starts with news that Oliver has been found and explores the repercussions of both OIiver’s abduction and return, particularly for Oliver, Emmy, and their families, who are next door neighbors. How do you reconnect with a friend after an involuntary 10 year gap? How can Oliver re-integrate himself into a life he barely remembers? It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt exploration of friendship, family, and the ripple effects of crime as they extend out into the community. I appreciated the care given to the characters and the relationships, whether it was Emmy and Oliver, Emmy and her parents (who became extremely overprotective of their daughter after the abduction), or the four childhood friends. Fans of Sarah Dessen, Sarah Zarr, and John Green are likely to enjoy this book.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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