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The End of Temperance Dare

Cover: 'The End of Temperance Dare'

Staff Review: "The End of Temperance Dare" by Wendy Webb


Are you looking for an atmospheric, completely absorbing novel to read this summer (made even better if read during a thunderstorm)? Look no further! In Wendy Webb's latest gothic novel, readers meet Eleanor Harper, who recently left her crime-writing job due to post traumatic stress disorder after too many years spent covering gruesome cases. When the director of an artist's retreat decides to retire, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Eleanor. But from the moment she arrives at Cliffside Manor she is plunged into the building's dark past, one that included the manor being used as a tuberculosis sanatorium, and decades of mysterious deaths. If you're a fan of haunting, gothic novels with supernatural elements, and/or murder mysteries, this novel is for you! Make sure to check out Wendy Webb's other novels as well!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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