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The Executioner's Daughter

Cover: 'The Executioner's Daughter'

Staff Review: "The Executioner's Daughter" by Jane Hardstaff


Moss is the executioner’s daughter. That’s right; she lives in the Tower of London in England with her father who serves King Henry VIII, and lately they are way too busy with executions. Her job is to catch the severed heads in a basket after her father chops them off, a job she detests. She longs to escape and see more of the world beyond the castle confines and cannot understand why her father forbids it. Even the scary stories about the Riverwitich who lives in the River Thames and who is rumored to steal children cannot keep her away. But when she discovers the mystery surrounding her mother’s death and the Riverwitch’s curse on her family, will it be too late for destiny to prevail? This unusual historical novel intermingles history and fantasy, creating an interesting and engaging story for tweens and readers of all ages.


Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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