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A Field Guide to Awkward Silences

Cover: 'A Field Guide to Awkward Silences '

Staff Review: "A Field Guide to Awkward Silences " by Alexandra Petri


Washington Post columnist and twenty-something Alexandra Petri has never been afraid to embrace the awkward and to march to beat of her own eccentric drummer. This humorous memoir is composed of essays on a number of experiences that explore varying types and degrees of awkwardness. Experiences include participation in an international pun championship, attending a speed dating session at a Star Wars convention, and answering the final Jeopardy! round with the question, “Who is that dude?” This entertaining, funny, and insightful book will appeal to anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t quite fit in, and may remind readers that they are stronger for their awkward life experiences.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir

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