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The Fireman

Cover: 'The Fireman'

Staff Review: "The Fireman" by Joe Hill


Dad should be “Kingly” proud of his boy, for in the “The Fireman,” Joe has mastered the saga his dad is so famous for.

There have been many apocalyptic books about viruses and plagues, but leave it to Joe, author of the "Horns", and "NOS482" to take it one step further, by having a plague called Dragonscale that shows up as tattoo-like marks on your body, and causes you to burst into flames; not only burst into flames, but cause other afflicted persons to also start to burn, and eventually light up the whole place! Of course, there is no cure, which leads to mass hysteria, and rampant vigilantism to stop the spread by killing the afflicted. Sounds fun right?

The story focuses on Harper, who not only contracted the virus but is a nurse and pregnant (will the baby be affected?). After changing her mind on the pact she and her husband Jakob made to kill themselves if affected, she escapes to discover a small band of the afflicted who have learned to control the Dragonscale. The conflict between survival and showing the world that it can live with the plague, comes to a head in, of all places, Maine. (maybe a nod towards dad?)

If you love a good picture of human conflict, sacrifice, and the sanctity of life painted on the pallet of Joe Hill, I definitely recommend this book for you.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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