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First Frost

Cover: 'First Frost'

Staff Review: "First Frost" by Sarah Addison Allen


In this enchanting novel we meet the Waverly family, an odd but close knit family in Bascom, North Carolina, who are gifted with mysterious and magical talents. Among a few, Claire can make food that affects the emotions of others while her niece knows where people and things belong. At the heart of this novel is the love of two sisters who are fighting to figure out who they are, and the wonderful family who supports them. The author of this new novel does such a fantastic job creating an enchanting family the reader is no doubt going to fall in love with. Technically the second in the Waverly family series, this can be read as a stand alone novel as well, although I greatly enjoyed the first in the series, "Garden Spell".

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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