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The Flying Circus

Cover: 'The Flying Circus'

Staff Review: "The Flying Circus" by Susan Crandall


Henry is running for his life. He is trying desperately to escape his past, his identity, and the darkness lurking in his lost memories. But escape is not so easy; disaster has been Henry's constant companion. As Henry flees from his past he encounters a rather unusual sight, a motorcycle recklessly racing an airplane across a field. When the motorcycle crashes into the woods, the course of Henry's life is forever altered as he races to the rescue. A fantastic tale of finding your place in a world full of adventure and uncertainty, this book will take you deep into the very nature of how our choices and character drive our fate. Filled with dynamic characters, it explores the world of early aviation, prohibition, and societal constraints in the American Midwest during the 1920's. You'll get swept up in Henry's struggle to find a family and a future while he battles the darkness of his past.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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