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The Fog Diver

Cover: 'The Fog Diver'

Staff Review: "The Fog Diver" by Joel N. Ross


Thirteen-year-old Chess lives with his fellow crewmates and friends in the lower mountain slums above the deadly gray fog that has surrounded earth for hundreds of years. He is a tether boy on a raft used for diving into the fog and scavenging in the ruins below for items they can sell or eat. Chess is one of the few people who appears to suffer no ill effects from breathing the polluted thick air. He guesses it might be connected to his strange-looking eye which he keeps hidden under his hair. With their biggest treasure ever, and the rich, powerful, evil Lord Kodoc hot on their trail, he and his friends must rely on their wits and talents to escape. This book is a fun read and a real treat for tween readers who especially enjoy science fiction, post-apocalyptic and adventure novels.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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