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Food Cures: Fight Disease with Your Fork

Cover: 'Food Cures: Fight Disease with Your Fork '

Staff Review: "Food Cures: Fight Disease with Your Fork " by Reader's Digest Association


This is the best resource I've found so far for anyone looking for natural and healthy ways to fight and prevent numerous health issues. As someone with four health issues that very much affect my everyday life, I'm always looking for books that touch on the nutrition factor of foods to fight disease or help with ailments, or, sometimes even more important, those foods that should be avoided depending on certain illnesses. This is the most comprehensive resource I've found so far on nutrition and the power of food to treat and prevent illnesses ranging from cancer to migraines to memory loss. I appreciated that this book had specifics on how much of each food we should aim for depending on our goal and ailment, along with a ton of helpful hints. It even included a chapter of healing recipes at the end as well.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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