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Forever, or a Long, Long Time

Cover: 'Forever, or a Long, Long Time'

Staff Review: "Forever, or a Long, Long Time" by Caela Carter


How can Flora ever believe in forever? After being shuttled from foster home to foster home longer than she or her brother Julian can even remember, how can she trust her new mother (who she calls Person because there have been way too many mothers) after they are adopted and promised a forever home. Carrying scars from their past, Flora has trouble getting her words out and her brother hides food in his closet, lots of food, as an assurance he won’t go hungry. As they are both trying their hardest to be" lovable", Person and her husband announce that they are expecting a new baby. How will there ever be enough love to go around, especially since this baby is their natural born child, not like them? After all, they don’t even remember being born and are convinced that they weren't. I will admit this achingly realistic, rewarding tween story of love, trust and family, told through Flora’s eyes, was a difficult (but hopeful) emotional journey. At times I just wanted to stop reading as I felt my heart breaking, yet I couldn't put it down.  

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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