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Cover: 'Fraidyzoo'

Staff Review: "Fraidyzoo" by Thyra Heder


Be prepared to giggle and laugh your way through Fraidyzoo by Thrya Heder. The lessons throughout the book are twofold, but the creative and playful illustrations are worth the read alone!

Do you look forward to visiting the zoo and seeing all of the unique animals there? Some zoos have so many animals to see, it’s hard to take them all in. From alligators, giraffes, hyenas, and monkeys, to rhinos, unicorns, and oh wait… those doesn’t exist (even if one little girl wishes they did)!

Zoos are fun, right? Well, maybe they are to you and me, but in this story Little T will need to overcome a fear before she will go with her family to visit the zoo. What is Little T afraid of? She doesn’t seem to remember... but that doesn’t stop her creative family from constructing an array of animals (from A to Z) to see if one of them will strike a chord with Little T!

What do they use to create the animals? Why, everything they have at hand and within their household! From cardboard boxes, grocery bags, hot pads, and brooms… to umbrellas, mop heads, hula hoops, and so many other everyday objects! The random items along with their playful personalities bring each of Heder’s imaginative animal illustrations to life. Towards the end even Little T joins her family in creating the animals and eventually asks if they could all go and visit the zoo the next day!

Overcoming any type of fear has its challenges. Luckily Little T has her family to help her! A favor she returns as she tries to convince her older sister to overcome an unexpected fear of her own. What does she become afraid of? You’ll have to read the book and find out!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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