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The Gates of Evangeline

Cover: 'The Gates of Evangeline'

Staff Review: "The Gates of Evangeline" by Hester Young


Charlotte Cates has not only just lost her young son suddenly, but now single and completely alone, she wakes up from a haunting dream where a young boy, around her son's age, asks her for help in finding him. When she is given a sudden job opportunity to write a book about an infamous thirty-year-old cold case about a young boy, Charlotte feels she must take the opportunity to investigate. While in Louisiana, staying at the famous Evangeline estate of a very wealthy family, Charlotte finds herself becoming alarmingly wrapped up in the cold case and her search to find out what happened to the young boy. This fast-paced mystery, centered around a family holding decades worth of secrets, includes supernatural and romance elements and is sure to keep readers entertained until the very surprising end.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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