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The Girl and the Dinosaur

Cover: 'The Girl and the Dinosaur'

Staff Review: "The Girl and the Dinosaur" by Hollie Hughes, Sarah Massini


Marianne is a focused little girl who follows her own interests and dreams, even though others can’t understand her passions.

She spends her days painstakingly and patiently digging for dinosaur bones on a sandy beach. Her persistence finally pays off when she discovers a whole dinosaur skeleton! But the story does not end there. It takes a fantastic turn into the magical realm after Marianne goes to sleep and makes a wish for her dinosaur to come to life.

Together, they set out on a journey to an enchanting world filled with wonder and beauty – including unicorns! First they go into a sea, then through a forest, then up to a mountain summit. It is there that they must decide if they are willing to take a leap of faith and learn to fly together to discover an even more fantastic land. Will they do it? Or will they turn around? You'll have to check out this book to find out!

With its beautiful, lyrical rhyming style and gorgeous illustrations, this book is a wonderful one to read out loud when you snuggle up at bedtime. Perfect for any little ones who have a passion for dinosaurs and unicorns and adventurous tales!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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