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The Girl and the Wolf

Cover: 'The Girl and the Wolf'

Staff Review: "The Girl and the Wolf" by Katherena Vermette


The Girl and the Wolf by Katherena Vermette is a wonderful retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood tale. With gorgeous illustrations and lyrical dialogue, Vermette walks you through the woods as a little girl who has wandered too far and finds herself alone and lost. A wolf comes upon her, and what follows is a twist on the original tale. Vermette delves into the inner strength we all have, the ability to know how to survive and thrive in any situation, while taking inspiration from indigenous tales. The wolf is transformed from the villain to a protector, a guide, a nurturer.

This book is a refreshing new look at a classic story and a heartwarming reminder of our own inner strength. 

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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