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The Girl at Midnight

Cover: 'The Girl at Midnight'

Staff Review: "The Girl at Midnight" by Melissa Grey


Seventeen-year-old Echo is resourceful, quick-witted, and quick on her feet, which serves her well as a pickpocket and a thief who is navigating the real world via methods of the magical world. Having fled abusive parents at a young age, then seven-year-old Echo’s path intersected with a mysterious figure, Ala, late one night at New York City Public Library. She is raised in a mysterious world under New York City with an ancient race of people called the Avicen, who have feathers instead of hair and possess magical powers. Ala believes that the music box Echo stole is the key to finding the Firebird, a mythical creature believed to have powers that could bring an end to the centuries old conflict between the Avicen and another ancient race, the Drakharin, but only if the its power is wielded by the right parties. Echo knows the magical world but is human, so she is unlikely to draw the notice of the enemy, who is sure to be watching. She sets off on her secret and potentially perilous quest armed with a perplexing clue, determination, and a pouch of shadow powder. This book creates an engaging, imagination-expanding world and fills it with compelling characters, action-packed encounters, and pulse-pounding emotion. Echo, with her feisty attitude, sharp tongue, and intense loyalty, is a strong main character, but storytelling duties are shared with other characters, who gain varying degrees of depth as the story proceeds, which is a good sign for the final two books of the planned trilogy. I listened to the audiobook, which I highly recommend. Fans of books by Holly Black and Laini Taylor are likely to enjoy this book.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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