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The Girl in the Well Is Me

Staff Review: The Girl in the Well Is Me

"The Girl in the Well Is Me" by Karen Rivers

Cover: 'The Girl in the Well Is Me'


Being the new kid in town, eleven-year-old Kammie Summer is perhaps just trying to impress the popular girls at her new school when she accepts their dare and ends up in a deep abandoned well. It’s wet, smelly, cold, dark and scary and it hurts being cramped in there with her arms and body wedged against the sides of the well. Where are her so called new "friends"? They don’t even appear to be eager to try to rescue her, if they are even still there. Will she live or die and why did she do it anyway? Our likable narrator has a lot of time to examine her life so far and discover what is most important in this compelling novel for tweens.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Realistic