The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Staff Review: The Girl Who Drank the Moon

"The Girl Who Drank the Moon" by Kelly Barnhill

Cover: 'The Girl Who Drank the Moon'

 Every year a newborn baby from the Protectorate is left in the nearby forest in an effort to appease the witch. Xan, the forest witch, doesn’t understand this tradition, but in order to rescue the infants she scoops them up and delivers them to adoptive families in the town on the other side of the forest.  When she rescues one special baby and fills her full of moonlight instead of starlight, she accidentally also fills her full of powerful magic.  She names the child Luna and decides to raise her as her own even though she is persistantly warned against it by house mates, Fyrian, a perfectly tiny dragon and Glerk, a swamp monster.  As Luna’s magic begins to leak out Xan knows she needs time to teach her, and protects her with a spell until she is thirteen years old.  As Luna approaches her thirteenth birthday unrest in the Protectorate intensifies, including threats to Xan’s life and an impending volcanic eruption.  Can Luna, a new, inexperienced witch help?  

I absolutely loved this wonderful fairy tale as I did her previous book, “The Witch’s Boy”.  Author Kelly Barnell weaves an engaging coming-of-age fantasy full of lovable, believable characters seemingly shining with a magic of their own. Written for tweens, this compelling story will be enjoyed by all ages. (2017 Newbery Medal Winner)

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction, Newbery Award Winner, Award-Winning


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