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The Golden Hour

Cover: 'The Golden Hour'

Staff Review: "The Golden Hour" by T. Greenwood


Wyn's life was drastically altered at the young age of thirteen, when she decided to walk through the woods when going home from school. Twenty years later, Wyn lives with her daughter in a duplex shared with her estranged husband. When the man responsible for a horrible crime against her suddenly has a chance of a retrial and release based on new DNA evidence, Wyn's new life starts to crumble. Her best friend and fellow artist buys a remote house in Maine, and it's the perfect opportunity for temporary escape for Wyn and her daughter when they're asked to stay. As Wyn tries to focus on her art and ignore threatening messages from her past, she discovers hidden film in the house's basement. Unsettling but beautiful, the photos reveal a mystery kept hidden for years. Part mystery, part journey of self discovery, this novel is a deeply moving story about life after tragedy. If you haven't read any novels by this author, I'd highly suggest this one, as well as Where I Lost Her.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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