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The Goldfish Boy

Cover: 'The Goldfish Boy'

Staff Review: "The Goldfish Boy" by Lisa Thompson


Matthew Corbin is the “Goldfish Boy;" at least that’s what his cul-de-sac neighbors call him. In the safety of the upstairs window in his room, he watches and records his neighbors' comings and goings. Between that and all the compulsive hand and body washing, obsessing about germs and his supply of plastic gloves, and feeling responsible for his baby brother Callum’s death, the mere thought of going to school is terrifying.  If that isn’t bad enough, there’s strange Melody Bird, the pesky neighborhood girl who keeps coming over and emailing him, who insists that she wants to be his friend. But when Teddy Dawson, a toddler in his neighborhood, mysteriously goes missing and police are questioning everybody, especially him, he finds he needs Melody Bird. This powerful, hopeful tween novel of a kind-hearted, courageous boy struggling with his guilt and an obsessive-compulsive disorder is a compelling and rewarding read.  

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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