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Cover: 'Granted'

Staff Review: "Granted" by John David Anderson


Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets lives an idyllic sort of life in the Haven where all the fairies have a special job to do. She is a Granter. This means that it is her job to grant the wish of one human person from one of the twelve fallen leaves (wishes) of the over five million on the large Great Tree. Unfortunately, with less world magic available less wishes are able to be granted every year.  Her grantee is a thirteen-year-old girl who wants a new purple bike because hers was stolen. Inexperienced Ophelia sets off on her first assignment with her limited supply of magical, weaponized fairy dust, knife, and her camouflage, so no one can see that she is a fairy, which might cause way too much commotion. Of course she has some mishaps along the road to finding the girl's wishing coin and accomplishing her mission. When you have only one wish to grant, is one wish more important than the other, and is it possible to grant more than one without destroying the order of things? This is a humorous, heartfelt  tween fantasy about a very modern fairy-in-training (no Disney fairies here) with an important job and some serious problem solving and decision-making to do.


Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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