Grayling's Song

Staff Review: Grayling's Song

"Grayling's Song" by Karen Cushman

Cover: 'Grayling's Song'

Grayling lives with her mother in a cottage in the woods and somewhat begrudgingly helps her tend the herb garden and prepare potions, tonics and remedies. Hannah, her mother, is known as a healer, helping people in exchange for whatever they can spare. But when their cottage burns, her mother is found firmly rooted to the ground like a tree. When her mother’s grimoire, book of spells and charms, is discovered to be missing, a dark force or evil spell is suspected. Grayling, unaffected by the spell, must go in search of her mother’s grimoire and seek other magicians, wizards and enchanters to help break the evil spell that has rooted so many magical folk to the earth. Can someone as timid, meek and inexperienced at making decisions and being a leader accomplish this mission? This wonderful coming-of-age tween fantasy by Newbery award novelist Karen Cushman shines with fun and authenticity.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction


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