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The Great Treehouse War

Cover: 'The Great Treehouse War'

Staff Review: "The Great Treehouse War" by Lisa Graff


If Winnie’s parents weren't acting so obsessively strange, and so hung up on spending exactly the same amount of time with her, the great treehouse war, as it was being called by the media, probably would not have happened.  When Winnie Malladi-Maradi’s  parents divorce and decide to share time with her equally,  they also decide that since there are uneven days in the week she will spend Wednesday’s by herself in the treehouse located between both their houses. With both parents trying to outdo each other by finding obscure holidays to celebrate with her, Winnie doesn't even have time to do her homework, and it looks like she might flunk fifth grade. She finally gives her parents an ultimatum: she will not come down from the treehouse until her parents talk to her together. When Winnie's friends find out about it, they want in on the action since they too have problems with their parents, and so the great treehouse war begins.  I love Lisa Graff’s books and this one is no exception. This enjoyable tween novel is interspersed with instructions for making things like friendship bracelets and even how to make a stuffed lizard out of toe socks, as well as post-it-notes with comments on Winnie's narrations by her friends. This fun book was highly recommended to me by a young boy in the library and I highly recommend it to you as well.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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