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Cover: 'Grunt'

Staff Review: "Grunt" by Mary Roach


In this book, science author Mary Roach investigates the challenges the military tries to address in order to protect combat troops and provide the tools they need. She brings her trademark sense of humor, curiosity, and empathy to a wide range of topics that you never thought to be interested in. Frankly, some of them you may not rather think about, as fascinating as they might be. For example, maggots are an excellent tool for the debridement of some wounds that are prone to infection, and she provides the research that supports it! (Fun fact: maggots are cannibals!) Other topics include the research that goes into military uniforms (to protect against burns and heat), sweat, noise and hearing loss, combat medic training through live simulations, and other topics that affect the daily lives of soldiers in combat and, in some cases, life after their military service. This engaging book will appeal to fans of Roach’s other works as well as those interested in military science and combat. (As you may have deduced from the maggot example, it is not a good fit for the squeamish!)

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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