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Hate List

Cover: 'Hate List'

Staff Review: "Hate List" by Jennifer Brown


In this harrowing and eye opening novel, we are taken inside the lives of students affected by a school shooting. The main character, Valerie, is not only recovering from a gunshot wound, but dealing with the constant struggle of being the shooter's girlfriend. Shunned even by her own family afterwards, Valerie has a lot of healing, both physically and mentally, to do. The author takes us inside what happened on the day of the school shooting, and how it affected those afterwards. The patron who recommended this novel to me said it should be required reading for students, and I can't help but agree. A look at everyone affected by a gruesome day's events, this novel was a haunting but rewarding journey for the characters, and me as a reader.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, tragedy

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