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Cover: 'Heartless'

Staff Review: "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer


Do you like Alice in Wonderland? Want to know how the Queen of Hearts got to be the way she is? Then this is the story for you! The author of the Lunar Chronicles does it again by bringing a different view of a fairytale to life. This story follows the life of a young woman named Catherine, who lives in the land of Hearts and is the daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Rock Turtle Cove. Catherine is a talented baker set on opening up her own shop but does not have the approval of her parents. As the story goes on she attends a royal ball where it is expected that the King of Hearts is to propose to her, but instead she happens to meet the handsome and ever charming Jest. At the risk of disappointing her family and the King, she enters a forbidden courtship with Jest, and so begins their adventures. Fate ultimately has other plans for them, as you will learn, that leads to the creation of the well-known Queen of Hearts and the phrase "off with his head!"

Audience: adults, teens | Genre: fiction

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