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Hook's Revenge

Cover: 'Hook's Revenge'

Staff Review: "Hook's Revenge" by Heidi Schulz


Jocelyn has piracy and adventure in her blood so why did her grandfather send her to an all-too-pink finishing school for girls? Because she is the daughter of the notorious pirate Captain James Hook, that’s why. After receiving a posthumous letter from her father requesting her to avenge his death and destroy the infamous crocodile that took his life, Jocelyn secures a ship, assembles a crew and sets sail for Neverland. Living up to her father’s legacy, commanding a crew of surly pirates and fighting an ornery crocodile is, however, a bit more difficult than she imagined. This is wonderful fan fiction at its best; highly recommended for tweens and others.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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