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Cover: 'Hostage'

Staff Review: "Hostage" by Clare Mackintosh


In this thrilling new release by one of my all time favorite authors, flight attendant Mina is forced to make an impossible decision during her job as a flight attendant on the highly-anticipated 20-hour flight from London to Sydney. Swarming with reporters and 300 other passengers, Mina isn't even supposed to be on the flight. Switching shifts with a coworker to escape her recently challenging home life with her husband and young daughter, Mina soon finds herself wishing nothing more than to be safe at home with them. 

This fast-paced and atmospheric novel had me hooked from the very beginning, and was so immersive I had to finish it the same day! As with all novels by this fantastic author, there were multiple twists leading up the final shocking (but satisfying) end! This would be a great book club pick, as it leaves readers questioning what they would do in Mina's shoes, along with other really important topics this novel brings up (that I can't explain more without spoilers!). Highly recommend!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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