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Hour of the Bees

Cover: 'Hour of the Bees'

Staff Review: "Hour of the Bees" by Lindsay Eagar


A whole summer stuck in the intensely hot New Mexican desert helping her parents clear out her grandparents' sheep ranch and move her ailing, dementia-ridden, temperamental grandfather, who she has never even met before, is not even remotely what twelve-year-old Carol (Carolina) expected or wanted to be doing with her summer. Then she meets her grandfather, Serge, who calls her Caro-leen-a and Chiquita, and she finds herself drawn to him and his magical stories of a special tree that protected their village, a lake, a woman named Rosa and a love like no other. And then there’s the bees that appear that aren’t even supposed to be in this drought-laden desert and they strangely seem to be following her. This wonderful book easily drew me in with its well-developed, likable characters and realistic, and almost magical elements. What especially shines is the beautiful, developing relationship between this granddaughter and her grandfather, and the mutual respect, love and understanding that grows with it. I absolutely loved this very special book that simply, but beautifully, reminds us of the unique ties that bind us to our family and our roots. When I closed this book, all I could say was, wow. This is the best book that I have read this year. Add it to your must-read list now.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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