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A House Without Mirrors

Cover: 'A House Without Mirrors'

Staff Review: "A House Without Mirrors" by Mårten Sandén, Karin Altenberg


After the death of her baby brother, Thomasine is staying with her cousins at her Great Aunt Henrietta’s house. The curious thing is that there are no mirrors hanging anywhere in this sprawling old manor. Then Thomasine’s five-year-old cousin Signe, who hardly ever speaks, comes out from the wardrobe where the mirrors are all hidden away, suddenly spouting complete sentences,  and Thomasine begins to wonder what is going on. Using the wardrobe as a transporter, Signe leads her to an alternate world where a girl named Hetty is growing up. As her cousins, Wilma and Erland, and even her Uncle Daniel all experience this alternate world they are changed by what happens there. Thomasine wonders how it can all be real and why only she remains the same. So desperately does she hope for a way her family can recover from her brother’s death that she returns to the wardrobe world once more, this time bringing along her father. This story about a broken family recovering from a loss leaves much to be read in between the lines. I recommend it for older tweens and teens.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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