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Cover: 'Hunted'

Staff Review: "Hunted" by Meagan Spooner


In this retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Meagan Spooner weaves the classic tale with Russian folklore to create a dark adventure full of magic, heartbreak, and destiny. Born to an aristocratic family, Yeva has always felt something is missing in her life. She is bored serving as one of the baroness's ladies and she only truly feels comfortable when she is hunting with her bow in the woods. When her father loses his fortune, Yeva and her two sisters move with their father to his hunting cabin in the woods. Soon, her father becomes obsessed with hunting a beast in the woods and goes mad with talk of magic in the woods. When Yeva's father goes missing, Yeva knows she can find out the truth about the woods, but what she finds there is something only found in fairy tales. This is a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast because it followed familiar elements of the story, but Spooner created her own, unique story that has not been told before. Yeva is a true heroine full of depth and a desire to find what will truly make her happy in life. Recommended for any fans of fairy tale retellings, or readers of young adult literature.

Audience: teens | Genre: young adult

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