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I Am Pilgrim

Cover: 'I Am Pilgrim'

Staff Review: "I Am Pilgrim" by Terry Hayes


This book is impossible to describe, but cannot be missed. Pilgrim is a man with many names, no home, and an intense backstory. He used to a work for a government agency even more secret than the CIA, but got out to try to create some semblance of a normal life. However, the president and his top advisers soon call him in to resume his old life and track down a terrorist threatening to destroy our country in the worst way imaginable. Readers follow Pilgrim from the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York City to Berlin, Russia, Turkey, and Afghanistan at a breakneck pace. This book came out a few years ago, but if you missed it the first time around like I did, please pick it up immediately! I was sucked into the story from the very first page and could not put it down until I had devoured all 600+ pages!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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