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I Don't Like Rain!

Cover: 'I Don't Like Rain!'

Staff Review: "I Don't Like Rain!" by Sarah Dillard


Have you ever gotten caught outside in a rainstorm? Was it when you were walking home or when you were about to play with your friends? The Bunny in I Don’t Like the Rain! gets caught in a wet cold downpour just as he and his woodland friends were going to play with a found pine cone! At first he thinks the drip, drip, drops of water are fun; but being out in a downpour without rain wear on soon turns into no fun at all.

The only woodland creature who has any fun in the rain is a bluebird who turns a puddle into a bird bath, which inspires Bunny to go outside and splash about in his rain wear. Soon he calls out to his friends and they all begin to play in the rain!

Rainstorms don’t last forever and when this one stops, it leaves an arch of colors in the sky that excites the woodland creatures even more than splashing in the puddles! 

The story is a charming easy read. The illustrations partner very well with the selective text, capturing the emotions of the woodland animals throughout the afternoon of play. 

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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