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I Love You, Michael Collins

Cover: 'I Love You, Michael Collins'

Staff Review: "I Love You, Michael Collins" by Lauren Baratz-Logsted


With the impending historic walk on the moon, students in ten-year-old Mamie’s class are given the assignment to write to one of the U.S. astronauts on this mission. With all the other students picking Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, Mamie makes a split-second decision to pick Michael Collins, who will be staying with the ship. When school is out for the summer she continues to correspond with him, telling him about her life and what is happening in her family. As the situation in her family appears to get worse instead of better, she observes the similarities in their lives. Mamie’s story is told through her letters to Michal Collins in this enjoyable tween novel. Anyone who enjoys novels with a diary-like format and a strong, likable female protagonist will especially enjoy reading this book.  

Audience: children | Genre: historical fiction

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