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I Owe You One

Cover: 'I Owe You One'

Staff Review: "I Owe You One" by Sophie Kinsella


Fixie Farr is the youngest of the Farr family, helps to keep their family shop a success, and lives by the family motto of "family first" to a fault. Fixie and her siblings are charged with the task of keeping the family shop in good working order when her mother takes a holiday in Spain. It should be easy, but in reality her brother and sister have very different ideas on what the shop, called Farrs, should look like and how it can be more successful than it already is. 

In a moment of respite a stranger in a coffee shop asks Fixie to watch his laptop as he take a phone call. In an instant, she ends up saving the laptop from getting destroyed. The owner, Seb, is so grateful to her that he offers an IOU to her for anything she may need.  Wanting nothing for herself and putting family first, Fixie allows her siblings to change Farrs while cashing in the IOU for a crush of hers to get a job. As the story unfolds, the IOU exchanges hands between Fixie and Seb several times changing the course of their relationships and lives. In the end, Fixie has to decide whether she is able to stand up to her siblings for the good of Farrs and if she is able to reclaim the love in her life.

Although Fixie has difficulty standing up for herself and receiving praise when she deserves it, I love her all the more for it. Fixie is someone I could see myself being good friends with because she is very much like me!  Sophie did a great job developing a character that I loved even if there were parts of the story that were more slow. The book itself is pretty easy breezy and it is a fun read!  If you have read any other books by Kinsella, you won't be disappointed by this one, as it has a little bit of family and love wrapped up in one package!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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