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I See You

Staff Review: I See You

"I See You" by Claire Macintosh

Cover: 'I See You'


In another fantastic novel by an author who quickly became one of my favorites, readers meet Zoe Walker, who is quickly pulled into a living nightmare after seeing her picture in a classified ad on her morning commute. Each day brings a new advertisement, and soon it's clear Zoe's every movement may be watched and other women are in danger along with her. This fast-paced mystery and thriller gives us the point of view of Zoe, the detectives involved in the case, and the mastermind behind it all. With each twist of the novel you think the author can't possibly spring another surprise on you, but even the epilogue is a twist! I immediately wanted to recommend this novel to everyone, and highly suggest readers pick up Claire Macintosh's first novel, I Let You Go, as well.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller