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If I Ever Get Out of Here

Cover: 'If I Ever Get Out of Here'

Staff Review: "If I Ever Get Out of Here" by Eric Gansworth


Lewis Blake is a seventh-grader in 1976, and, as the only Native American student in his track for the second year in a row, he feels like he has a special force field that isolates him from his classmates. This year, there’s a new kid named George, and Lewis hopes this is his chance for a real friend. Being friends with someone off the “rez” is not going to be easy since his family does not have a car, and there is no way his mother will let an outsider visit their increasingly decrepit home. Lewis knows he’s entering uncharted territory, but he’s willing to try. After all, they both love the Beatles, and what are the odds of that? What follows is an authentic story of friendship, complete with misunderstandings, allegiances tested, and secrets concealed and revealed. Gansworth expertly guides the reader into Lewis’s world and thoughtfully depicts his struggle to fit into life on and off the “rez” while remaining true to himself and his family, friends, and his dreams for a better life. It is a wonderful book appropriate for teens who enjoy realistic fiction and/or appreciate the power of music to connect people and enlighten.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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