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The Instant Coin Collector

Cover: 'The Instant Coin Collector'

Staff Review: "The Instant Coin Collector" by Arlyn G. Sieber


Arlyn Sieber's THE INSTANT COIN COLLECTOR is an excellent, informative beginner's guide to the fascinating world of numismatics, the so-called 'Hobby of Kings.' In 238 well-illustrated pages, Sieber supplies the reader with easy-to-understand information on how to get started collecting coins, coins to watch for, how coins are graded, how they need to be handled and stored, collecting strategies, etc.  The many full-color photographs featured in the book are a big plus. Whether you're new to coin collecting or an experienced collector, you'll find something of interest in Sieber's book.  

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, collectibles

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