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Cover: 'InvestiGATORS'

Staff Review: "InvestiGATORS" by John Patrick Green


Dog Man lovers, rejoice! Here is your next graphic novel obsession about two alligator investigators known as the InvestiGATORS.

Mango and Brash, the InvestiGATORS, receive an assignment to go incognito at Batter Down, the bakery owned by world-famous cupcake chef Gustavo Mustachio, who went missing two weeks ago. With mustaches and chef hats for disguises, Mango and Brash find a missing oven, a suspicious assistant, and more at Batter Down. While Mango and Brash investigate the bakery, we see Chef Gustavo being held captive by a mysterious monster and a well-timed explosion at the Science Factory on Electric Avenue. Can Mango and Brash find Gustavo and figure out how this is all connected? 

Filled with puns, silly humor, fun illustrations, and a good story line, any kid will find joy in Mango and Brash's adventure. While this is the first in the graphic novel series, a second book, InvestiGATORS Take the Plunge and InvestiGATORS Off the Hook, are set to be released in later 2020 and early 2021.

Audience: tweens | Genre: graphic novel

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