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Invitation Only Murder

Cover: 'Invitation Only Murder'

Staff Review: "Invitation Only Murder" by Leslie Meier


Lucy Stone is not seeing eye-to-eye with her daughter, and family tensions are rising. When Lucy, a part-time reporter, receives an invitation to spend time on a private island off the coast of Maine, she looks forward to the time away. When she arrives on the island, she doesn’t know what to expect of island life. The island is owned by eccentric billionaire and environmentalist Scott Newman. Newman has stripped the island of modern conveniences in favor of an eco-friendly, nineteenth century lifestyle. Lucy comes to find out that not all residents of the island agree with his eco-friendly view. 

As Lucy starts to settle in to the island ways, she finds one of Newman’s daughters dead at the bottom of a sea cliff. The young woman’s death seems to be an accident, but as more things come to light, Lucy suspects foul play. Now Lucy is stuck on an island with no way of getting off or of contacting authorities. Is there a murderer on the island or is Lucy’s reporter imagination getting the better of her? 

If you like mysteries with crime-solving female protagonists, you will enjoy this book. I enjoyed reading this book because of the fast-paced story and the truth-seeking main character. I like the author’s fast-paced story set in a coastal town in Maine.

Audience: adults | Genre: mystery

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