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Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food

Staff Review: Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food

"Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food" by Jamie Oliver

'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'  by  Jamie Oliver

This cookbook is brimming with gorgeous photos of comfort food and nostalgia that made me think I was right back at home, curled up in my flat in London. Even though for me and my food allergy riddled body, I can't eat most of the entrees shown in this book anymore, the experience of looking through it was worth it. For those of us who love our cookbooks full of tempting pictures and personal excerpts from the chef, Jamie Oliver does it again. With the cookbook split into sections like Sweet Indulgence, Good Mood Food, Pick Me Ups, and Guilty Pleasures, there's a comfort food recipe full of nostalgia waiting for everyone!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Nonfiction, Cookbook, Celebrities


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