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Last Post

Cover: 'Last Post'

Staff Review: "Last Post" by Max Arthur


Being unfamiliar with much about the WWI, the last great war, I was eager to hear of stories from the mouths of those few soldiers still left to tell the tale. This 2005 book is a narrative account of those few British soldiers still alive and able to relay their firsthand accounts and stories of an era that will perish when they do. Approximately 20 men, all over 100 and some 106 and 107 years old tell of a different time and place. They share a brief personal account of their lives from birth, growing up, joining up to fight and living out their later years. If you are interested in gaining an understanding of the historical period of the turning into the 20th century and the war years, this will be an interesting read. It was a bittersweet read, in that the reader can be quite certain, all of these men are now deceased.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, history

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