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The Last Time I Lied

Cover: 'The Last Time I Lied'

Staff Review: "The Last Time I Lied" by Riley Sager


Emma Davis is an aspiring painter on the verge of making it big in New York City’s art scene. But what inspires her work is something that’s haunted her since she was 13 years old, during her first (and only) summer at sleepaway camp: the mysterious disappearance of her three bunkmates.

Camp Nightingale, an all-girls summer camp in upstate New York, has been closed since the girls’ disappearance 15 years ago but is now slated to reopen for a whole new generation. Franny, the camp’s owner, invites Emma to return to the camp to serve as its art instructor, a proposition that Emma accepts against her better judgment. Once at camp, Emma becomes determined to move past what happened at the camp all those years ago and to make amends to Theo, Franny's oldest son whom she wrongly implicated in the disappearance. Emma's catharsis is interrupted, however, when she finds a new piece of evidence that puts her on the path to discovering the truth about what really happened to her friends.

Like author Riley Sager’s other novel Final Girls (also highly recommended!), The Last Time I Lied features incredible writing that is gripping, original and that made me want to devour the book all at once. The mystery at the heart of the story is a doozy, and the book features many surprising twists throughout, all the way to its final pages.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, suspense, mystery

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