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The League of Beastly Dreadfuls

Cover: 'The League of Beastly Dreadfuls'

Staff Review: "The League of Beastly Dreadfuls" by Holly Grant


Eleven-year-old Anastasia McCrumpet is snatched from her school library by two tiny “ancient” ladies claiming to be her great aunties; only she doesn’t have any great aunts. She is told that her parents have suffered an unfortunate vacuum cleaner accident. They take her, not to a hospital, but to a dreary Victorian home in the middle of nowhere that used to be St Agony’s Asylum for the Criminally Insane. She is given mystery, lumpy food, is put to work cleaning and catching leeches and is forbidden from entering certain parts of the “house.” With all the strange goings-on--attack poodles, a boy with a cage on his head and walls full of pictures of missing children, Anastasia knows she must escape, and soon. This tween novel wraps up a little too nicely at the end but fans of Lemony Snicket’s “ A Series of  Unfortunate Events” will love it. This is book one so there will be more mysterious adventures to come.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, action adventure

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