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Lie to Me

Cover: 'Lie to Me'

Staff Review: "Lie to Me" by J. T. Ellison


What would you do if your wife suddenly left you, leaving only a note behind asking you not to look for her? What if you called the police anyway, knowing your life would be ripped apart, but desperate to find your wife even if she doesn't want to be found? What happens when you suddenly become the prime suspect in her disappearance? This fast-paced thriller is sure to keep readers on edge as we delve into the life of Sutton and Ethan Montclair, both writers who just lost their newborn. Through the novel's twists and turns readers are left wondering if the baby's death really was accidental, if Sutton really is missing, or if she was murdered. Fans of Gone Girl looking for their next read have found it! Personally, I felt J.T. Ellison's newest novel beat Gone Girl by a landslide!

Audience: adults | Genre: thriller

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